PolymerSNOW - Make Fake Snow Today
PolymerSNOW - Super Absorbent Polymer used for making fake snow. Available for purchase today.

polymerSNOW - the Perfect Artificial Snow

polymerSNOW - the Perfect Artificial SnowThis special and amazing version of a super absorbent polymer expands 4-5 times in volume when exposed to water and looks just like real snow! It is safe, non-toxic and can be regenerated over and over again. Once it starts to dry out, simply spray water on with a mister bottle and the “Snow” will grow again and again!

This is the same product often used by Hollywood movie studios to create fake snow! A one-pound bag makes TWELVE GALLONS of Snow!

Why Do You Need Fake Snow?

Use polymerSNOW to create fake snow for all sorts of interesting celebrations and events, including:

  • Holiday Decorations & Displays.
  • Corporate Events. 
  • Theatre & Film Productions. 
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Nightclubs & Raves

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