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Fake Snow Safety Info: Artificial Snow Details

Clean Up:  polymerSNOW remains dry to the touch and does not stain.  You cannot make snowballs with it!  While the fake snow readily is captured with a shop vacuum, we recommend the artificial snow be used only on smooth surfaces and not on carpet.  This is to minimize the cleanup effort of the fake snow.  Surfaces and clothes do not get wet.  The “snow” is not cold.

Outdoor Use: The polymerSNOW product is fine for outdoor use as long as windy conditions are not present.  The light weight, fake snow can get blown away.  The product is safe for plants and for pets.  Limit exposure of the artificial snow to rain.  Adding excess water to the product can make it slushy and slippery conditions can result.

Long Lasting: Superabsorbent polymers like polymerSNOW will gradually dry out through evaporation.  The rate of this is dependent on the temperature and relative humidity of the environment.  However, the product can quickly and easily be rejuvenated into instant snow by lightly misting with a water sprayer.

Composition: polymerSNOW is a relative of the types of superabsorbent polymers found in baby diapers.  It is a cross-linked Sodium Polyacrylate.  The product is non-toxic and safe for people, pets and plants.  (Actually, there are other forms of Polyacrylates added to potting soil to retain moisture!)  While the product is non-toxic it is not intended to be eaten like real snow.  The product can also become slippery when mixed with excess water.  Care should be taken if walking on the fake snow.  See attached Material Safety Data Sheet for details.

Link to MSDS.

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