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polymerSNOW - the Perfect Artificial Snow - Types of Artificial SnowTypes of Artificial Snow

This specialty polymer was originally developed in the 1980’s for disposable hygiene applications like baby diapers and feminine hygiene products. The product is made of the same type of polymers commonly found in disposable diapers – but polymerSNOW uses a special surface cross-linking system that causes the product to expand when in contact with water resulting in instant artificial snow.  It gets fluffy and really does look like snow!

The snow making machines that you see on ski slopes are very expensive, require lots of water and work only at cold/below freezing temperatures.

There are also ice-making companies that will provide “real snow.” This material is expensive and cold and wet. With polymerSNOW your kids stay warm and dry.

Hollywood special effects people use artificial snow polymer products like polymerSNOW to create drifts and the illusion of falling or blowing snow.   The polymerSNOW can be applied through blowing machines. (They also sometime use snow blankets to cover landscape on film sets.) There are many uses for the artificial snow you can create from our polymerSNOW.

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