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Instant Snow Instructions | How to Make Instant Snow

The simplest mixing ratio to remember is 1 cup + 1 gallon water yields 2 gallon of SNOW!

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Mix a Test Batch First:   Add one level tablespoon of polymerSNOW to a 1 quart bowl.  Add one 8 oz. cup of warm tap water to the bowl and watch the SNOW GROW! Instant snow right in front of you.

Mixing Large Quantities of Instant Snow: We suggest getting a large tub or clean trash can. Work in batches of 1 cup : 1 gallon of water ratios.  A one-pound bag of polymerSNOW + 6 gallons of water yields 12 gallons of instant SNOW!

In the dry form:

Artificial Snow in the Dry Form

After adding to water:

Artificial Snow after adding water

Video Demonstration of Artificial Snow

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