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Uses for Artificial Snow

Our polymerSNOW amazingly and rapidly absorbs the water and grows into roughly double the volume of water added.

One cup (8 oz) of PolymerSNOW + 1 gallon of water = Yields 2 gallons of fake SNOW. The polymerSNOW product is non-toxic and safe for the environment.

Making Fake Snow - Buy Yours Today

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The polymerSNOW product will last for days or weeks.  After slowly drying out, fake snow can be regenerated over & over by simply lightly misting with water.

For under $100, you can fill a room with fake snow.  A 10 pound box of PolymerSNOW makes about 125 gallons of artificial snow flakes!

Ideas on how to use polymerSNOW include:

  • Holiday Decorations & Displays. Put artificial snow around the Xmas tree or around window sills.
  • Corporate Events. Use fake snow in trade show booths or anytime you wish to create a winter wonderland theme.
  • Theatre & Film Productions. Both Hollywood professionals and amateurs in schools have used polymerSNOW  to create the magic of winter (without the cold!) in production sets.
  • Arts & Crafts. Many flea market sellers repackage the product to sell for crafts.  Use artificial snow around your model train set.
  • Party Professionals. Planners use polymerSNOW to create winter themed parties --- even in the middle of summer!
  • Nightclubs & Raves. Turn off the bubble machine and Let It Snow at midnight!

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